Buckinghamshire Lodges Family Tree

“How do lodges form” is a frequently asked question not only by non masons, but members too.

Lodge members sometimes get together to form what is known as a “Daughter Lodge”. This may be due to members of the new Lodge sharing common interests or professions, or if their “Mother Lodge” is becoming overly large.  Details of Haddenham Lodge formation are detailed in the History page. ​Haddenham Lodge is known as a “Daughter Lodge” of Aylesbury Lodge.

Nowadays, the membership of most Lodges is very diverse but there is still a tendency for new Lodges to be formed from members with common interests.

In 2016, Buckinghamshire Province gained a Motorcycle Lodge, and the Buckinghamshire Classic Car Lodge No 9945 was consecrated at the Sindlesham Masonic Centre on 22nd May 2017.

Haddenham Lodge, 8944, is the Daughter Lodge of Aylesbury Lodge (4534)
Aylesbury Lodge was sponsored by Middlesex Masters Lodge (3420) in conjunction with Buckingham Lodge (591)

The family tree of lodges within Buckinghamshire is already substantial, if you look at the latest lodge number issued, 9945, you can see how vast the tree is nationally.


The link below is very interesting, it allows you to enter a lodge number and see its family tree.

UK Lodge Family Tree Link


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